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Wall graphics

Wall and Floor Graphics

Add flair and colour to your space, communicate your mission statement or motivate. Whatever you decide, wall and floor graphics leave a lasting impression.

Whether you want your brand printed directly to the wall, or an acrylic panel, wall and floor graphics are a great way to add flair and colour to your space.

Create an environment that makes potential clients and customers excited to work with you. Eye-catching graphics, will stick with them as your pitching your service and when they leave the space, they’ll be reminded of the idea that got them interested.

Help to fill empty white walls with colour for a more engaging work environment and improve moral.

In a recent study by economists, it was found that happy employees are 12% more productive.

Why choose Wall or Floor Graphics

3 top reasons…


We’ve helped some large and well recognised brands extend their reach.

Wall Graphics Examples

Check out some examples of our work

V&A Homes

Office partition.

British Library

Wall poster.

Van graphics
Triton Group

Frosted glass effect.

Need more inspiration? – View more examples.

Wall and Floor Graphics FAQs

Your questions, answered.

What material is best to use?2022-11-23T18:36:40+00:00

We use a range of different materials and each has its own characteristics.

The best material may change based on what you are looking to achieve.

Are there any size limitations?2022-11-23T18:29:33+00:00

There are no real limitations as to how large you can go, we can wallpaper entire walls in graphics, right down to small notices on doors.

How long do they last?2022-11-23T18:26:55+00:00

Wall graphics can last an extremely long time. With floor graphics however, it is largely dependant on the surface they are applied to and volumes of traffic.

The means you could expect a relatively short lifespan of around 8-12 months so it’s best to discuss with us if you have concerns.

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