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Busting a few myths on vinyl transfer vs screen print…

Which option you choose will depend on several factors and honestly, there isn’t a single right answer. Vinyl transfers are great for short runs and for certain types of material. They also give a flatter finish than a screen print.

Screen print is generally the preferred option for longer runs and has a very slightly raised finish as the ink sits on top of the material rather than being pressed into it.

Some people will choose vinyl transfers because they can be free from PVC, others will choose screen prints because they can have zero wastage. There are also different types of finishes available for each.

Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll be more than happy to go through all the options and give advice on what we think the best process to use will be to get your brand printed.

  • For larger quantities, screen printing is more cost efficient. For small quantities, choose Vinyl.
  • Screen printing is best for designs that require high vibrancy as ink is applied thicker.

  • Screen printing is best being durable and should last the life of the clothing its applied to.