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Get your brand screen printed – No minimum order quantities.

screen printing overview

Screen Printing Overview

Prints that stand the test of time. Screen prints will outlast a digital print in the same environment.

Screen printing put simply is the process of pushing ink through a nylon mesh, stretched over a metal frame, to reveal a desired pattern on the material being printed.

With screen prints, we have the ability to print onto nearly any material, from wood to metal and glass to card.

Screen printing, also known as silk screen printing is a super versatile method of printing that can match to Pantone colours for repeatability across multiple orders.

Get your brand, screen printed.

Why choose Screen Printing

3 top reasons that make screen print the perfect choice.


We’ve helped some large and well recognised brands extend their reach.

Screen Print Examples

Check out some examples of our work

mcclaren screenprin

New car gift box

The Barn Digital
The Barn Digital

Wireless phone chargers

estate agent boards
Renton & Parr

Estate agent boards

Banana Board
Banana Board

Hospital patient transfer board


POS Display stand

Ardent sign

Self adhesive label

Need more inspiration? – View more examples.

Screen Printing FAQs

Your screen print questions, answered.

screen printing overview
Can you iron over screen prints?2022-11-21T15:09:39+00:00

Ironing over screen prints is not a good idea. High heat can cause damage to the print.

If you really need to iron the garment, you may be able to turn inside out and iron on a very low setting.

Are screen prints permanent?2022-11-21T15:05:44+00:00

Screen printing pushes ink into the shirt’s fibres and the curing process permanently bonds it. Once applied, you won’t be able to remove it.

Is screen printing high in detail?2022-11-21T14:56:18+00:00

With screen printing, ink pushed through a nylon mesh, stretched over a metal frame, to reveal a desired pattern on the material being printed.

Different mesh counts and colours depending on amount of ink needed and level of detail in the artwork. Lower mesh counts, more ink and less detail. Higher mesh counts, less ink and more detail

This is a balancing act to get the colour opacity and the level of detail needed for your particular branding.

Is screen printing expensive?2022-11-21T14:38:26+00:00

There are setup costs associated with screen printing but the running costs are minimal.

If you have a low volume, the unit cost will be higher and we might want to look at a different print method. If you have a large quantity to print, the unit price will be a lot lower, so screen print is ideal.

What is screen printing?2022-11-21T14:31:12+00:00

Screen printing is the process of pushing ink through a tensioned nylon mesh to reveal a pattern or patterns on a variety of surfaces.

What can you screen print onto?2022-11-21T14:41:39+00:00

Screen printing is so versatile, it gives us the ability to print onto nearly any material, from wood to metal and glass to card.

Chances are we have printed onto your material before. Get in touch with us if you aren’t sure, we’re always up for a challenge!

Why does screen printing have setup costs?2022-11-21T14:48:22+00:00

Setup costs cover the cost of screen and then making it for you design. The screen is key to the design and it is then carefully lined up for accuracy. Once the screen has been made, it can be reused again, making future prints cheaper.

Does screen printing last long?2022-11-21T14:36:41+00:00

The ability of the screen printing ink can result in a much more durable graphic compared to digital printing. Heat cured screen prints are durable enough to handle repeat washing without cracking or fading.

This means if you print onto a garment, screen printing will likely last just as long sa the garment will.

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