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Get your brand pad printed – No minimum order quantities.

pad printing on uneven surface

Pad Printing Overview

Get your 2D image printed onto your 3D product. Best for uneven products made of plastic, metal or wood.

The pad printing method is super flexible, allowing for images to be printing onto a huge array of finished products.

From golf balls to hair dryers and fragrance dispensers to medical equipment, irregular surfaces can be printed easily with this method.

Because pad prints use flexible silicone pads, it is possible to print all kinds of difficult shaped products such as curved (convex), hollow (concave), cylindrical, spherical, compound angles, textures, etc. which are not available with traditional printing processes.

Get your brand, pad printed.

Why choose Pad Printing

3 top reasons that make pad print the perfect choice.


We’ve helped some large and well recognised brands extend their reach.

Pad Print Examples

Check out some examples of our work

pad printing hangers
Coat Hangers

White wooden hangers with silver print.

pad printing hygiene products
ABS Plastic

Printed sanitary bin with 2 colour logo.

pad print
PP Plastic

Fragrance dispenser with 1 colour logo.

Need more inspiration? – View more examples.

Pad Printing FAQs

Your pad print questions, answered.

pad printing example
Is pad printing the same as screen printing?2022-11-22T11:59:57+00:00

Pad printing is a method that allows the transfer of a 2D image onto a 3D object. It best used to transfer images to objects that are not flat or difficult to print onto.

Pad printing uses silicone rubber pads that allow deformation to apply to curved products (for example) easily.

Is there a setup cost for pad printing?2022-11-22T14:45:29+00:00

Yes, this covers the cost of making the plate or plates with your design. This is a one-off cost.

There is also a small charge for lining up the print with your product.

Is pad printing cost effective for low volumes?2022-11-22T14:46:00+00:00

It can be. There are increasing costs depending on the number of colours, so a 1 colour design would be more cost effective than a 4 colour design.

As your quantities increase, this becomes less prohibitive.

What materials can you Pad print onto?2022-11-22T11:49:34+00:00

Pad print is suitable for most materials, but best on plastics, metals and wood.

What is pad print used for?2022-11-22T11:46:41+00:00

Pad printing is used for printing onto irregular or 3d products.

Pad print would be suitable for something like a water bottle or other 3d product.

How does pad printing work?2022-11-22T11:45:27+00:00

Pad print takes your image from an etched metal plate, to a silicone pad that is then transferred to your product

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